34E 2012

Welcome to the world of 34E!

Shake! Shake! Shake! Your Maracas!

Maracas Making and Shaking!

Spanish Flags!

Spanish Flag making

Spanish dancing and eating!

Salsa and Paella

Spectacular Spain!

Come on Year 3/4 AdS- show everyone what you have learnt about Spain so far!
Write a conversation in Spanish! Describe what the Spanish flag is like! Write a recipe for a yummy traditional Spanish dish! Or teach a friend to Salsa!
Hola! Como estan?!
Mrs. de Silva-Matthews

The Roman Horses

One day there was a roman horse and she said ”(sigh) it is boring being a horse slaving away for people.” But then she had an idea and thought ”I KNOW what if the romans can slave away for us!” She went to tell the rest of her friends but they laughed and said ”Hahahaha it’s just not possible humans and horses are different it just won’t happen.” And they wondered off.She walked along the sea thinking to her self what a silly idea of course it will never happen but she didn’t give up there she made a plan and told to her friends and then they understood what she ment and she whispered to them ” we need to sneak into the amphitheatre and show everybody the truth about us” 1 of her friends said ”NO! It’s too dangerous!” ”oh c’mon how bad can it be let’s go c’mon and try not to make lot’s of noise with your hoofs.” So they snuck in and hid behind the doors and leaped in!But just at that moment the room went silent…and the emperor put his thumb down in the air and everybody attacked the horses but leader horse had enough and screamed ”SHUTTTT ITTTTT!!!!!” and everybody went quiet and the horse said ”Don’t you see how similar we are in battle how our personalities combine we need to stop all this madness and treat each other fair and square so get over yourselves please.” And from that day fourth everybody even the horses were treated equaly and everybody were friends no matter what they were and Rome was like that forever.

Roman food

The roman food we tasted was strange and had really weird flavours.At first I knew the grapes wouldn’t taste nasty so I had 1 of them first and loved them so I kept some on my paper towel for the after taste from nasty foods.After I had the grapes I had some of the bread which wasn’t so bad. And then I had an olive I put it in my mouth and spat it out straight away but then I said to myself ”wait that wasn’t so bad.” Then I got to the after taste and spat it out again!Then miss came round with the fish oil and I was really scared if it would make me sick but I thought they wouldn’t give it us if they knew it would make us sick would they? So I tried it with some bread and SPAT IT OUT IN AN INSTANT and I was panting very heavily and I said ”I am never trying that disgusting oil again!” And then me an my friend went for lunch.

Our Roman fun comes to a close

Good times!

Fun, fun, fun!

Hands-on fun!

The Dewa Roman Experience

The Dewa Roman Experience


Experiencing the Amphitheatre